What’s it like to work with Cristiana?

When I hired Cristiana to run the social media wing of CIRCA, I was looking for someone who could not only understand my own vision for the company’s growth, but who could also “take the bull by the horns” and make magic happen without my constant supervision. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Cristiana. In a relatively short amount of time, I went from having a minimal social media presence to gaining new, engaged followers daily. In turn, traffic to my site has increased tenfold and I am gaining a loyal following of fans who feel a strong personal connection to my business. Cristiana is constantly working with me to come up with new ideas, and actively seeks ways to implement them in a way that makes sense for my brand.  Moreover, she has a warm and optimistic personality that makes working with her a very enjoyable experience!
          ~~ Elizabeth Finkelstein, Founder of CIRCA

What has been particularly notable about working with Cristiana is how much we’ve learned in just two meetings! When we first contacted her, we wanted to better understand how to use social media to supplement our existing outreach tools. In our first meeting, she demonstrated how to best utilize the major social media websites, and then helped us lay out a strategy that fit our organization’s mission and size. In addition to her straight-forward approach, Cristiana’s enthusiasm has given us the confidence and clarity of vision to strive for our desired internet presence. When we had a our follow-up meeting, she arrived having reviewed our progress and, like any good teacher, spoke to what we had done well, areas we might look to enhance, and even new avenues to explore. Cristiana has made a great impact on our new media in a short period of time, enhancing our facility as well as our understanding of how new media can assist us in furthering our work. We can’t wait to meet with her again!
          ~~ Felicia Mayro and Wyatt Cmar, Neighborhood Preservation Center

Cristiana is a very knowledgeable new media consultant who is able to analyze a client’s business problem and develop new media solutions that make sense. She is excellent at explaining technical issues to a non-technical client and connecting the client with information and organizations that will further develop the client’s network or profile. She is accommodating and easy to work with and is clearly passionate about her work.
          ~~ Kimberly Hess, founder of Women Building Influence

Cristiana worked with me to establish a professional webpage to assist in the marketing of my private historic preservation consulting service. Her creativity and expertise in web development was an invaluable resource for me and she was able to teach me how to work with the program so that I can continue to build my own site to grow along side with me as a professional. She was easy to work with and offered a terrific tutorial.  For someone like myself with very little experience working with new media technology, Cristiana made the entire process easy and enjoyable.  I look forward to utilizing her services again in the future.
          ~~ Jason Crowley, freelance historic preservation consultant